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Rok has just finished the official Django tutorial, and had decided to finally put his coding skills to good use.

He always wanted a nice personal website, but didn't like the websites made using wordpress. He had designed it by himself, taking example from websites on the internet that he liked.

It was also the first time he deployed a website (first it was running on Heroku, but now it's on Digital Ocean's droplet).

The website has been (since april 2019) changed many times (at least 3 major reworks). This gave Rok a nice refernce of working on a project for long periods of time. That means a lot of things: Coming back to see, that you don't understand what a specific piece of code does. Or learning to work with version control software for not just storing your data. Sometimes you need to retieve a file, or read the log to see when has something been done, or make a new branch to test something out.